Clothespin Toy Gun

Difficulty: Hard
Materials: Clothespin, Rubberband, Safety Goggles, Exacto Knife, Heavy-duty Scissors

  1. After putting on safety goggles, take apart the clothespin.
  2. Mark one of the halves of the clothespin with a pencil as indicated.
  3. Use the heavy-duty scissors to cut along the line drawn on the clothespin.
  4. This is how your clothespin should look if you place them together.
  5. Make an indentation on the first hole closest to the thin side of the clothespin in the direction towards the thick part of the long half of the clothespin.
  6. This is how the indentation should look. This is where your “trigger” will be.
  7. Place the two halves of the clothespin together.
  8. Wrap a rubberband around the thicker halves of the clothespin.
  9. Slide the metal spring back onto the long half of the clothespin so that the spring part is in the direction of the thick part of the clothespin.
  10. Move the short half of the clothespin on top of one metal prong so that it sits in the hole of the short half of the clothespin.
  11. Slide the short half back so that the holes of the two clothespin meet and the prong sits in between the large hole. The gun is now complete!
  12. To insert ammo, slightly lift up the short half of the clothespin.
  13. Insert ammo in between the short and long halves of the clothespin.
  14. You’re ready to shoot!

Now you have a cool, mini hand-made toy gun you can use to play and practice your aim with anytime!

- Mimi

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