Hanging Starbucks Pencil Cup 

Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Starbucks Cup, Hot Glue Gun, Precision Knife, Pencil, Scissors, Chopsticks (or Popsicle Sticks), Binder Clip, Thumbtack

  1. Draw a line across the lid of a Starbucks cup lid about 1/2 inch away from the edge.
  2. Using a pair of scissors, cut across the lid along the line.
  3. Put the cut lid on top of the cup. Draw lines down the lengths of the cup where the cut edges of the lid meet. Remove lid and cut along those lines. 
  4. Put the cut lid on top of the cut cup. 
  5. Using a precision knife or a pair of scissors, cut along the rounded edge of the lid.
  6. Use a hot glue gun to glue the inside edge of the lid onto the cup. 
  7. Along the top edge of the cup, measure the width of the back of the cup with a chopstick or Popsicle stick, and mark where the sides of the cup meet the chopstick or Popsicle stick.
  8. Use a precision knife and cut along the marked spot. 
  9. Hot glue the stick onto the top edge of the back of the cup.
  10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the second stick, placing it about 2/3rds of the way down the cup. 
  11. Repeat step 9 for the second stick. 
  12. Attach a binder clip onto the top stick.
  13. Push one of the handles of the binder clip down.
  14. Take a thumbtack and put it through the top ring of the binder clip when hanging the cup on  the wall.

Now you have an awesome and beautiful-looking pencil cup that you can put on your wall! 

- Mimi

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