Personalized Name Canvas

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Paper/Newspaper, Cardboard, Glitter, Glue

  1. Using the glue, write out your name or your initial(s) on the cardboard.
  2. Take the glitter and generously sprinkle along the glue marks you made.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry.
  4. Place your canvas on top of a paper or newspaper. Slowly tilt the canvas upright and gently tap it to get the remaining glitter off.
  5. Continue gently tapping the cardboard.
  6. Once all the loose glitter is off, your name canvas will be finished!

Now you have the perfect name canvas to put on the door of your room or in your dorm!

Rubber Band Jump Rope

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Rubber Bands, Patience

  1. Start off by putting the yellow rubber band through the red rubber band. (The color of the rubber band does not matter; we only used different colors to make the instructions easier to follow)
  2. Pull up the two ends of the yellow rubber band.
  3. Put the red rubber band around your wrist to keep the rubber band rope in place.
  4. Continue looping the rubber bands through the two end loops of the previous rubber band. Pull the ends of the newly added rubber band together.
  5. When the rubber band rope has reached your desired length, put the red rubber band through the two loops of the last rubber band. (We used approximately 80 rubber bands for someone who is 5’4”.)
  6. Tie a knot with the red rubber band.

Now you have an awesome handmaid jump rope you can play with!

Doggy Chew Toy

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Needle, Thread, Sock/Fabric, Scissors, Toy Stuffing, Squeaker (Optional)

  1. Using the sharpie, mark where you want to draw the eyes and the mouth on one side of the sock.
  2. Using the needle and the black thread, sew in the eyes and mouth.
  3. Put the squeaker into the sock.
  4. Fill the sock with the toy stuffing.
  5. Sew the opening of the sock together.
  6. Admire your finished product!

Now you have the perfect chew toy for your beloved dog to play with!

Cat Plushie Toy

Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Scissors, String, Needle, Cotton, White Pencil, Black Nylon Bag

  1. Take the nylon bag and turn it inside out. Draw a cat’s face and the outline of a cat’s head and ears on one side. Try to be accurate as this will serve as a general outline for you to sew.
  2. Cut along the outline of the head and ears.
  3. Using the needle and white string, make a knot. Then proceed to make the cat’s eyes with the white string by sewing back and forth. You will need to go back and forth with the needle several times. Do the same thing for the cat’s nose, and its whiskers.
  4. Start sewing along the outline of the head and ears to close up the opening of the bag. Leave a small opening big enough to stuff cotton inside.
  5. Turn the bag inside out once again, so that none of the sewing and template are shown. Stuff the cotton inside the bag before sewing it up all the way, closing the opening.
  6. Stretch out the black bag and move around the cotton to make the cat look even.
  7. Admire your beautiful creation!

Now you have the perfect hand-made gift for any young child!

Personalized Photo Holder

Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Spray Paint, Rubbing Alcohol, Napkin, Cup, Glass Stones, Puffy Paint (Optional), Photo Holder, Newspapers

  1. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a napkin or paper towel. Use it to clean the cup (if you are using a glass one).
  2. Using the puffy paint, write a message on the side of the glass cup. (This step is optional, but it makes the photo holder seem cool!)
  3. We wrote live-laugh-love on our photo holder.
  4. Take the painted cup outside. Set it on top of a couple of old newspapers.
  5. Start spray painting the cup. Make sure to get every surface. (We used a silver metallic spray to give it clean and shiny feel.)
  6. Wait 2 to 4 hours for the paint to dry.
  7. Place a photo holder inside the cup. (We got ours at Pier 1.)
  8. Place the glass stones inside the cup to keep the photo holder in place. (You can use regular stones too if you don’t have glass ones.)

And you’re finished! We hope that this photo holder will make all your photo memories look even greater! 

Hanging Starbucks Pencil Cup 

Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Starbucks Cup, Hot Glue Gun, Precision Knife, Pencil, Scissors, Chopsticks (or Popsicle Sticks), Binder Clip, Thumbtack

  1. Draw a line across the lid of a Starbucks cup lid about 1/2 inch away from the edge.
  2. Using a pair of scissors, cut across the lid along the line.
  3. Put the cut lid on top of the cup. Draw lines down the lengths of the cup where the cut edges of the lid meet. Remove lid and cut along those lines. 
  4. Put the cut lid on top of the cut cup. 
  5. Using a precision knife or a pair of scissors, cut along the rounded edge of the lid.
  6. Use a hot glue gun to glue the inside edge of the lid onto the cup. 
  7. Along the top edge of the cup, measure the width of the back of the cup with a chopstick or Popsicle stick, and mark where the sides of the cup meet the chopstick or Popsicle stick.
  8. Use a precision knife and cut along the marked spot. 
  9. Hot glue the stick onto the top edge of the back of the cup.
  10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the second stick, placing it about 2/3rds of the way down the cup. 
  11. Repeat step 9 for the second stick. 
  12. Attach a binder clip onto the top stick.
  13. Push one of the handles of the binder clip down.
  14. Take a thumbtack and put it through the top ring of the binder clip when hanging the cup on  the wall.

Now you have an awesome and beautiful-looking pencil cup that you can put on your wall! 

Tennis Ball Holder

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Tennis Ball, Scissors, Thumbtack, Marker

  1. Use a pair of scissors to cut the tennis ball open. Only cut about halfway around the circumference of the tennis ball. 
  2. Use a sharpie to draw two eyes near the slit. 

You can use the tennis ball to hold anything, from pencils to keys to mail!

Use a thumbtack to pin the tennis ball to the wall and keep it to hold your keys next to the front door. 

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